Belen’s Story

Hello, my name is Belen. I'm 24 years old and this my second time around joining the amazing Bridges Parenting Support Program. I have a 2-year-old son and I [...]

Laura’s Story

Laura was busy with her kids, finishing school and finally going to do what she wanted to do. She felt like God wasn't there, and that he didn't answer her [...]

Tara’s Story

A 16 year-old girl came to the clinic with her boyfriend and her mother. Clearly they were all upset about the possibility of a pregnancy, but it wasn’t clear who [...]

Yolanda’s Story

Yolanda initially came to Assure Pregnancy Clinic for a pregnancy test. She and her boyfriend of just one year were planning to terminate the pregnancy if the test was positive [...]

Stacy’s Story

What would you do if you found yourself pregnant after learning of the death of your baby’s father? This was Stacy’s story, and to say she was lost and confused [...]

Patricia’s Story

On June 7, 2016, an 18 year-old Hispanic female came into Assure Pregnancy Clinic for confirmation of pregnancy. She had taken four home pregnancy tests that all read positive. [...]

Judy’s Story

Judy came to Assure Pregnancy Clinic as a return client. She originally came to the Clinic at the age of 24, and after receiving compassionate counseling and medical care, [...]

Selena’s Story

At 17, Selena wasn't ready to be a mom. Throughout her appointment at Assure she was obviously uncomfortable. She had a hard time making eye contact, and she kept clenching [...]

Melinda’s Story

Fearing the worst, Melinda came to Assure Pregnancy Clinic seeking a pregnant test and possible help for an abortion. From her demeanor, it was clear to everyone that she was [...]

Amber’s Story

Immediately after swallowing the first pill in the RU-486 regimen for a chemical abortion, Amber regretted her action. Panicked, she reached out to Assure Pregnancy Clinic for help. Just by [...]