Stacy’s Story

What would you do if you found yourself pregnant after learning of the death of your baby’s father?

This was Stacy’s story, and to say she was lost and confused would be an understatement. Looking pale and like she hadn’t slept in days, Stacy came to Assure Pregnancy Clinic to confirm the pregnancy.

After spending a few minutes with one of our Client Advocates, Stacy revealed that not only had her fiancé been killed, but she had recently given her life to Christ and was getting baptized in a large local church that weekend.

At the end of the session, the Nurse gave her the results of her pregnancy test—which were positive.

But, because she wasn’t far enough along, an ultrasound appointment was scheduled for the next week.

When the appointment date came and went without any sign of Stacy, the Advocate called to check on her.

“I’ve decided to get an abortion now,” Stacy said.

When the Advocate explained that an ultrasound exam would be important in determining how far along she was prior to an abortion, Stacy agreed and set another appointment. After rescheduling twice, Stacy finally came in.

She had scheduled an abortion but was afraid to go through with it. During the ultrasound exam at Assure, Stacy could clearly see her baby… and his twin!

In an instant the decision was made that Stacy would carry her babies to term.

She was given information on Assure’s Bridges Parenting support Group, a list of pro-life physicians, and a lot of encouragement and support that she could and would be a good mother.

Name and Photo Changed for Privacy