Tara’s Story

A 16 year-old girl came to the clinic with her boyfriend and her mother. Clearly they were all upset about the possibility of a pregnancy, but it wasn’t clear who was upset by the thought of an abortion and who was upset about a baby being born. The boyfriend was stoic and Tara’s mother was in tears.

During the intake session, the client advocate learned Tara was undecided.

She shared that she used to attend church and had never believed abortion was right. But, she wasn’t ready to have a baby and maybe an abortion would be okay. Her mother was in the waiting room crying because she didn’t want her to terminate the pregnancy. As the client advocate listened, she could tell Tara was trying to convince herself that an abortion was the best option.

When asked if she had ever made a commitment to follow Christ, Tara responded that she had not but would like to. Gently, the client advocate led her through a prayer as Tara’s shoulders dropped, her eyes sparkled, and the stress seemed to flow out of her body.

An ultrasound exam followed, with Tara’s boyfriend and her mother able to see the image of her developing baby.

Her boyfriend smiled for the first time and her mother tearfully ooh’d and ahh’d when she saw her pre-born grandchild on the 36” monitor attached to the ultrasound machine.

Three people in different stages of emotional turmoil came to Assure that day. Three people left with lighter hearts, anticipation of new life, one of them embarking on a new journey of faith and hope.

Name and Photo Changed for Privacy