Judy’s Story

Judy came to Assure Pregnancy Clinic as a return client. She originally came to the Clinic at the age of 24, and after receiving compassionate counseling and medical care, she chose life for her baby and gave birth to a son.

Several years later, she was pregnant again, but after being pressured by the father of the baby, she made a different choice. She chose abortion. Sadly, the father of that baby also passed away 3 months later. Both of these losses affected Judy deeply.

Three months ago, Judy, now 31, came to Assure Pregnancy Clinic for a pregnancy test. During the options counseling portion of her visit, Judy revealed that her relationship with the father of this baby was unstable. She didn’t know what to do, but didn’t really want to have a baby with him. Her client advocate gently encouraged to consider this time as a crossroads in her life, an opportunity to make a different choice – one she could live with.

When the ultrasound exam showed an 8 week preborn baby, Judy was shocked at how developed the baby was. She said she wanted to talk things over with her mother, but was still undecided about carrying the baby to term.

Two weeks later, Judy returned to Assure for help with Medi-Cal. She said she had her mother’s support and had made the decision to parent her baby. Her entire demeanor had changed from one of anxiety and fear, to one of peace and confidence.

Having someone who believed in her and encouraged her to choose life made all the difference for Judy.