Energize your Church for Life

Assure is here to provide information, inspiration, and events to your church.

We come alongside pastors and give them the tools to speak about choosing life. We’re here to help you communicate the need, and give an action step to make a difference.

Live Ultrasound in Service

Refresh an appreciation for life by having us perform a live ultrasound at your church. This powerful window into the early stages of life opens up a discussion on the morality of abortion. Inform and motivate your church to action.

Sanctity of Life Sunday

  • Sunday, January 22, 2023

  • Every year, churches around the world show their support for the fight for life. Help your church see how abortion is the #1 unjust killer of our time.

Save a Life Today

As long as abortion exists in our world, we cannot rest. Change doesn’t happen without action, and action doesn’t happen without you.