Yolanda’s Story

Yolanda initially came to Assure Pregnancy Clinic for a pregnancy test.

She and her boyfriend of just one year were planning to terminate the pregnancy if the test was positive because they felt they were just too young at 17 and 18.

They believed it was just “not the right time” for them and their relationship wasn’t exactly stable.

They watched a short video of a doctor explaining the various abortion procedures and, when their tests results came back positive, agreed to an ultrasound exam to determine viability.

Even after seeing the tiny beating heart of their unborn baby, Yolanda and her boyfriend left that day still determined to pursue an abortion.

During a follow-up call, Yolanda said she had decided to carry her baby to term but had not told her parents yet.

On a second follow-up call, Yolanda said that she had actually changed her mind and had tried to get an abortion, but every time she went to the abortion clinic, she was running a fever and they would not do the procedure.

After three attempts, Yolanda said she took that as a sign that she was not supposed to get an abortion.

She asked for information on Assure’s Bridges Parenting Support Program and started attending immediately. Her son, Matthew James was born recently, and his proud mama has graduated from the Bridges Parenting Program!

Names and Photos Changed for Privacy