Laura’s Story

Laura was busy with her kids, finishing school and finally going to do what she wanted to do. She felt like God wasn’t there, and that he didn’t answer her prayer the way she wanted.

She never believed in abortion, but was scared, frightened, and just not ready for a new baby. Laura was also worried that family would say, “Why are you having another one?” and that her kids would be unhappy about having another one.

At first, she went to Planned Parenthood, but they wouldn’t take her insurance.

While she was there, she felt it was not a comforting place – more transaction than relationship. It felt like they wanted her money.

She went online looking for a hole-in-the-wall abortion clinic but found Assure instead.

Meanwhile, one of Assure’s client counselors, Joan, was not scheduled to come in that day, but Joan felt the night before God telling her to come in anyways.

Laura met with Joan that day, and Joan’s testimony changed everything for Laura. Joan explained how abortion had caused her much pain, grief, and shame.
Hearing her story, Laura knew she would have the same sadness and pain.

After speaking with Debbie, Laura prayed to ask God for Forgiveness and made Jesus the Lord of her life. Both Laura, and her preborn child were saved.

God does everything for a reason

Laura and her husband are so excited for their little miracle baby.

Names and Photo Changed for Privacy Reasons