Melinda’s Story

Fearing the worst, Melinda came to Assure Pregnancy Clinic seeking a pregnant test and possible help for an abortion. From her demeanor, it was clear to everyone that she was extremely nervous. When asked, “How can we help you today?”, Melinda blurted out “I had nowhere else to go!” She then revealed that she had missed her period and began to panic. She and her husband had just moved into the area and were not ready to have a family yet. They were both starting new job and she just didn’t think the time was right. Not knowing where else to turn, Melinda looked online and found Assure Pregnancy Clinic. Seeing that walk-ins were welcome, she arrived just as the clinic was opening.

With compassion, patience, and lots of listening, a volunteer client advocate was able to calm Melinda’s anxiety. She helped her to explore the different options legally available, and then asked her a tough question. “Which if these options do you think you can live with?”

Melinda was still unsure, but after an ultrasound exam to confirm that she had a viable pregnancy, there was no doubt. “Oh my gosh, that’s my baby?” The nurse sonographer confirmed that, yes, that was Melinda’s and her husband’s baby.

After signing up for the Bridges Parenting Support Program, Melinda left Assure with an appointment to return so that her husband could see the ultrasound for himself.

You gave them somewhere to go when they faced their very unexpected pregnancy.

You made it possible for Melinda and her husband, Jeff, to explore their options, see their preborn baby, and make a life-affirming choice to carry to term and parent their son.

Yes, seven months later they delivered a healthy little boy named Elijah.

Thank you and God bless you for making a difference in Elijah’s life!