Amber’s Story

Immediately after swallowing the first pill in the RU-486 regimen for a chemical abortion, Amber regretted her action. Panicked, she reached out to Assure Pregnancy Clinic for help. Just by coincidence, Lakisha, Assure’s nurse manager, had attended a workshop the week before taught by the creators of a protocol for abortion pill reversal. Lakisha explained the abortion reversal to Amber and then connected her to Dr. Bouma, Assure’s medical director, who called in a prescription to Amber’s pharmacy.

Again by coincidence, Lakisha was in the clinic after hours when the phone rang. Seeing that the caller I.D. showed a pharmacy, she picked up. It was the pharmacist calling to say that Amber’s Medical hadn’t gone through yet. “Will you pay for the prescription?” he asked. “Yes,” we said without hesitation.

Within hours of recognizing her mistake, Amber began the protocol that saved her baby’s life.

Amber’s story is a reminder that there are no “coincidences” with God’s perfect timing. God is at work every day and in every season creating, preserving, and growing life. Our job is to listen, follow God’s lead, and obey God’s call. God puts the right people in the right place at the right time.