Dear Friend for Life,

Thanks to you, this year 500 women were given the medical services and factual information regarding their pregnancies to help them in making a decision for life.

You have made a powerful impact in many lives this year.

Earlier this year, Beatrice* came to Assure Pregnancy Clinic looking for help because she was contemplating an abortion.

She wasn’t sure whether or not Assure could provide that service, but she saw on the website that she would receive a free pregnancy test and an ultrasound.

Arriving early for her appointment, she said quietly to the medical assistant, “Will I be able to have the abortion today?”

Calmly, the medical assistant escorted Beatrice to a consultation room and explained that Assure did not provide abortion services, however, she would be provided with factual information about all of her options, and that she would be able to ask a nurse any questions she had regarding pregnancy.

Face brightening, Beatrice said, “Oh, that would be great! Thank you.”

You see, Beatrice was in a precarious position. She had just ended a 3-year relationship with a married man. She had believed him when he told her he was separated from his wife who was living in Mexico. When Beatrice learned that he was actually living with his wife here in the U.S., she felt betrayed and angry.

A baby on top of the betrayal was too much. She knew she had to terminate the pregnancy the same way she had terminated the relationship.

What Beatrice hadn’t counted on, though, was the way her heart reacted to the sight of her 12- week preborn baby.

He had a strong little heart that flickered on the ultrasound screen. She saw the shape of his head and his body. “Oh my gosh. I had no idea his heart would be beating like that,” she whispered in amazement. In that moment, Beatrice’s baby stole her heart.

There are many more young women like Beatrice who need a chance to see their preborn babies; to receive factual information about pregnancy, parenting and adoption; who need a safe, non-judgmental environment to consider their options very carefully before making a forever decision.

Today we are launching our 2019 Year-End Campaign. Our goal is to help an additional 500 women in 2020 to find hope, help, and encouragement so that they have the opportunity to choose life rather than abortion. In order to make that happen, Assure will need to raise $50,000.

We simply can’t do it without you. Your support will make a real, lasting impact in the lives of those women who need life-affirming medical services, post-abortion support, education and resources.

As Christians we’re called to defend those who can’t defend themselves (Proverbs 31:8), and babies in the womb are among the most vulnerable.

When you invest in Assure Pregnancy Clinic, you’ll not only save babies from abortion, you’ll invest in programs and resources designed to help their moms and dads provide healthy, well-prepared homes.

Thank you for your continued support and friendship.

With gratitude,
Kerry Jepson Chief Executive Officer
Assure Pregnancy Clinic

P. S. Beatrice called recently to tell us that she had just given birth to a beautiful baby boy she has named Jaime. She is madly in love with her sweet little miracle. Please consider a gift of $50, $500, $5,000 or whatever you can give to help us reach more women like Beatrice in 2020!